On the Job with Clarke Pickett

Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 16:19

 Some of our favourite collaborator's of past; 

One of our first Shoots with a very atmposheric location in an Old Grain Mill, in Perthshire with the brilliant Dylan Drummond, at https://www.sonofthesea.co.uk with a couple of models a make up girl,  props man and camera.  Great Fun!

Dylan turned out to be one of the favourites and we again worked with Dylan in the making of a Music Video for Stephen Knight's Rope and Vine, wonderful day and great finished Video.


Again, at Clarke Pickett in Newport on Tay, Dylan at Son of the Sea Productions collborated with us to make a wondeful and special day for some local children. They all became VIP's for the day with a christmas photo shoot, with Pancakes, Muffins and Hot Chocolate.

We were all blown away with the work of Vicki Evans and her brother Mo with the production of this music video and amazing piece of music, we are enternally grateful for this.


Very talented indfividauls, Vicki is a genius in Film and Video Production and Mo is a very spacial friend, very talented individual and all round great guy.  We were very honoured to have him sing on our wedding day.  Also the wonderul song of his, Close my Eye's was something we used to play to our premature twins ,almost daily whilst in Intensive Care in Hospital for 77 days. Olive and Liberty Love you for this we know for sure