Past Projects

"I find a good Philosophy for life is hugely influenced by taking in the beauty of an item, the charm, history, the wear, of a piece we source.   A guaranteed promise of life beyond us, an amazing unique beauty to behold for a long time to admire forever.   Items and objects with stories hidden from ears but still apparent to the eye. Still very much visible in the Patina , the scars, smells,and pressenc  These beautiful objects will all surely be loved by every owner for many live's past and many more ahead.

We have sourced decorative antiques for some exclusive clients including US  Private Collectors Market, The National  Heritage Trust of England, Scottish National Trust & Galleries & Interior Designers based around the world.

We have worked on period property restoration and Interiors Installation's for a number of client's in the UK and Abroad.

Please email Amanda at for further information of how we can help.